‘navillera’ Netflix Evaluate

‘navillera’ Netflix Evaluate

I’m loving the entire Dear My Friends vibe of this drama. I was already reaching for the tissues this episode. Damn looking at his past and upcoming filmography it seems like Song Kang never leads a full 16-episode drama 😂, not that it matters that a lot. I’m just excited to observe his drama since he’s an up-and-coming actor & it looks like he’s good at picking various roles.

He’s introduced to Mr Ki Seung-joo, and he’s an enormous fan of him; he’s seen all of his performances in Korea. However, when referred to as on the stage, he doesn’t show up, and he leaves after seeing the time and date on his cellphone. It’s the day that his father shall be launched from jail.

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Over the course of his life, he all the time put his family first before his dream. Making the decision to lastly pursue his dream, Shem Deok Chool joins a ballet college, the place he meets 23-12 months-old Lee Chae Rok. The young ballet dancer struggles to assist himself financially, and his passion for ballet has begun to fade away, that is till he meets aspiring ballet dancer Shim Deok Chool.

I read somewhere that he practiced ballet for six months (appropriate me if I’m mistaken). I am undecided how a lot ballet did he do since I just know someone might need act as a double each time the scene zooms out. Netflix It’s troublesome to soar in life if you are tethered to regret. That’s what occurs to both main characters within the Korean drama Navillera—also referred to as Like A Butterfly. Both characters are so burdened by regrets and unresolved longing that they can’t totally embrace and revel in life.


There might be a total of 12 episodes of Navillera, with new episodes available to stream each Monday and Tuesday. Each episode has a runtime of roughly 60 minutes. As the episode ends, Ki Seung-joo tells Lee Chae-rok that he’ll train Deok-chul the way to ballet, and he’s in complete shock. Lee Chae-rok admits to Ki Seung-joo that he went to see his father, however he did not be there — he apologises for lacking the audition. Later on, he practices ballet, and Sim Deok-chul watches him. Lee Chae-rok approaches him and asks why he’s watching him.

‘you’ Episode 4

Park, who made his debut in 1990, has appeared in more than two dozen movies, together with most lately King Maker and Exit. He appeared in additional than three dozen dramas, together with most recently Brilliant Heritage, Liver or Die and Mad Dog. At 70, Sim Deok Chool, performed by Park In-hwan, has done every thing that was expected of him.

This is future, messing with them, and us slightly bit too. While rising up, he played different sports activities like baseball, swimming, and soccer, but he wasn’t proficient in any of these activities. His mom was a ballet dancer, but she died from a illness when Lee Chae-Rok was young.

  • He’s launched to Mr Ki Seung-joo, and he’s a huge fan of him; he’s seen all of his performances in Korea.
  • There are quite numerous us right here who watch this for nearly the same reason lmao.
  • For Deok-Chool, his complete motivation is clinging to the fragments of youth that are slowly slipping away with the sands of time.
  • Shim Duk Chool responds, “I additionally wanted to fly as soon as before I die.” As Lee Chae Rok appears to hit a wall in progress, Shim Duk Chool continues to praise him and consider in him.

Turns out, the dancer was certainly real, and not a figment. His coach, former ballet star Ki Seung-joo (Kim Tae-hoon), believes he’s a fantastic expertise. But Chae-rok lacks focus, and as most ballet coaches in TV and films are, Seung-joo is harsh together with his criticism. Chae-rok selected to coach for a National Ballet audition as an alternative of a touring gig; he works as a waiter in a flowery restaurant, and won’t stop to focus on dance; his father is in jail and his mom is useless. Some former classmates — and former pals, probably — go to the restaurant, and shame Chae-rok for his father’s misdeeds.

Sim Deok

He confronts Chae-Rok and tells him he doesn’t deserve to stay an excellent life, especially along with his Father being launched from prison soon. Feeling guilty, he agrees to pay for the boy’s dinner. His teacher, Mr Ki, grills him over his approach and hesitation.

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